Ways To Find Your Family Members For Your Genealogical Research

The analysis of family members, family background, and the traceability of their bloodlines is known as genealogy. Genealogy enables people to learn more about their families and conduct research on their ancestors. If you want to conduct genealogical research, these are some of the sources you can use.

Census records

Census records are one of the most reliable places to begin your genealogy research. This gives you the best option of finding your family in a specific location and time. Using census records, you can find any of your family members from any generation. Census Collections is one method for searching for census records. You only need to fill in the person’s name and address. Once you’ve found them, confirm with your family members that they’re the right person and start your investigation.

Military records

If you are unable to locate your family members through census records, you may be able to do so through military records. Review documents, catalogued documents, and retirement records are examples of military records. There are records of people who fought in World War 1 and World War 2. You only need to enter the first and last name, state and date of birth, to find the person you’re looking for.

Civil records

One of the best places to find a family member and further your genealogical research. These civil records include information such as the birth date and marriage date. There are several websites where you can obtain information about your family members using these specifics. Simply enter the person’s name, choose a category, and you’ll be allowed to see a digital format image of the real record available.


You may be mistaken if you thought newspapers were only for capturing news. Historical newspapers, for example, contain articles that can greatly assist you in learning more about your ancestors. Several online historical newspaper websites will provide free information about your previous family members from whatever community they lived in.


One of the most valuable places to begin your genealogical research is your own memory. To learn more about your family members, run your memory and jot down the smallest details that come to mind. Record the information by family, which will give you an idea of your current family members and assist you in obtaining the information you require.



Your house is a haven for all the essential information about your family members that you require. You may have documents that have been passed down to you that you have forgotten about. A thorough search of your home will provide you with a wealth of information about any familial information you require. Look for them in dressers, cupboards, or the basement; you’ll be surprised at how many details you can find.


Finally, relatives are an excellent resource for research assistance. Your relatives may have lived in different generations and will tell you different stories about your ancestors’ lives. This will assist you in learning more about the family ancestors you were unaware of through a reliable and convenient source.

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