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Parish Dedication Photographer/information Parish Dedication Photographer/information
 Saleby St Margaret  Paul Fenwick  Sibsey St Margaret  Wendy Parkinson
 Salmonby St Margaret  demolished 1970's  Silk Willoughby St Denis  Wendy Parkinson
 Salfleet St Katherine  lost to the sea 1679  Sixhills All Saints  Paul Fenwick
 Saltfleetby All Saints All Saints  Paul Fenwick  Skegness St Clement  Wendy Parkinson
 Saltfleetby St Clement St Clement  Paul Fenwick  Skegness St Matthew  Wendy Parkinson
 Saltfleetby St Peter St Peter  Paul Fenwick  Skeldyke  Mission Church  now demolished
 Saltfleetby St Peter Tower to old church  Wendy Parkinson  Skellingthorpe St Lawrence  Wendy Parkinson
 Sapperton St Nicholas  Wendy Parkinson  Skendleby St Peter and St Paul  Wendy Parkinson
 Sausthorpe St Andrew  Wendy Parkinson  Skidbrooke St Botolph  Wendy Parkinson
 Saxby All Saints All Saints  Paul Fenwick  Skillington St James  Wendy Parkinson
 Saxby St Helen  Wendy Parkinson  Skinnand    lost before 1842
 Saxilby St Botolph  Wendy Parkinson  Skirbeck Holy Trinity  Wendy Parkinson
 Scamblesby St Martin  Paul Fenwick  Skirbeck St Nicholas  Wendy Parkinson
 Scampton St John the Baptist  Wendy Parkinson  Skirbeck Quarter  St Thomas  Wendy Parkinson
 Scartho St Giles  Paul Fenwick  Sleaford St Denys  Wendy Parkinson
 Scawby St Hibald  Paul Fenwick  Sloothby Mission Church  Paul Fenwick
 Scawby Brook Mission Rooms  now demolished  Snarford St Lawrence  Wendy Parkinson
 Scopwick Holy Cross  Wendy Parkinson  Snelland All Saints  Wendy Parkinson
 Scothern St Germain  Wendy Parkinson  Snitterby St Nicholas  Wendy Parkinson
 Scott Willoughby St Andrew  Wendy Parkinson  Somerby by Brigg St Margaret  Paul Fenwick
 Scotter St Peter  Paul Fenwick  Somerby by Grantham St Mary Magdalene  Wendy Parkinson
 Scotton St Genewys  Wendy Parkinson  Somersby St Margaret  Paul Fenwick
 Scrafield St Michael  lost before 1842  Sotby St Peter  Paul Fenwick
Screddington St Andrew  Wendy Parkinson  South Carlton St John the Baptist  Wendy Parkinson
Scremby St Peter and St Paul  Wendy Parkinson  South Cockerington St Leonard  Paul Fenwick
Scrivelsby St Benedict  Wendy Parkinson  South Elkington All Saints  Paul Fenwick
Scunthorpe St John  Wendy Parkinson  South Ferriby St Nicholas  Paul Fenwick
Searby cum Owmby St Nicholas  Paul Fenwick  South Hykeham St Michael and All Angels  Wendy Parkinson
Sedgebrook St Lawrence  Wendy Parkinson  South Kelsey St Mary  Paul Fenwick
Sempringham St Andrew  Morris Felton  South Kelsey St Nicholas  demolished circa 1795
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