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Location Name/Denomination Photographer Location Name/Denomination Photographer
Boston Baptist  Ruth Sands Lincoln (Catholic) Our Lady of Lincoln   Wendy Parkinson
Boston Christian Fellowship  Ruth Sands Lincoln (Catholic) St Hugh   Wendy Parkinson
Boston Trinity Street Gospel Hall  Ruth Sands Lincoln (Catholic) St Peter and St Paul   Wendy Parkinson
Boston Grove Street Congregational?  Ruth Sands Lincoln Salvation Army  Wendy Parkinson
Boston Jehova's Witnesses  Ruth Sands Lincoln South Bar Congregational (former)  Wendy Parkinson
Boston Latter Day Saints  Ruth Sands Lincoln Thomas Cooper Memorial Baptist  Wendy Parkinson
Boston New Life Centre  Ruth Sands Lincoln High Street, Unitarian  Wendy Parkinson
Boston (Catholic) St Mary  Ruth Sands  Louth Eastgate Baptist/Union  Wendy Parkinson
Boston Salvation Army  Ruth Sands Maltby le Marsh Baptist (former)  Sandra Boudrou
Boston Spain Lane Unitarian  Wendy Parkinson Monksthorpe Baptist  Sandra Boudrou
Brant Broughton Friends' Meeting House  Wendy Parkinson Scunthorpe (Catholic) Holy Souls  Wendy Parkinson
Cleethorpes (Catholic) Corpus Christi  Paul Fenwick Scunthorpe Congregational  Wendy Parkinson
Gainsborough Friends' Meeting House  Wendy Parkinson Skegness (Catholic) Church of the Sacred Heart  George Weston
Lincoln Croft Street Baptist  Wendy Parkinson Sleaford (Catholic) Our Lady of Good Counsel  Wendy Parkinson
Lincoln Friends' Meeting House  Wendy Parkinson Stamford Baptist  Wendy Parkinson
Lincoln Mint Street Baptist (former)  Wendy Parkinson Stamford (Catholic) St Mary and St Augustine  Wendy Parkinson
Lincoln Newland Congregational (former)  Wendy Parkinson Stamford United Reform  Wendy Parkinson
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