Lincolnshire's Lost Churches

Churches lost before 1900 Churches lost since 1900
For these churches, there is a link to a photograph or a photograph of the remains/graveyard For these churches, I have an image available for private study only because of copyright.
Aby All Saints  demolished 1732 Authorpe St Margaret demolished 1982
Boston St John pulled down 1626 Barton on Humber St Chad's Mission Chapel demolished 1993
Burgh le Marsh St Mary the Virgin estroyed early C16 Boston St Aidan demolished 1970's
Calceby St Andrew (ruins) Wendy Parkinson Boston St James demolished 1940's
Calcethorpe St Faith lost before 1840 Castle Carlton Holy Cross demolished before 1902
Cawkwell St Peter demolished 1893 Crosby St Michael closed/demolished?
Claxby Pluckacre St Andrew church demolished 1748  Gayton le Marsh St George demolished after 1964
Culverthorpe St Bartholomew lost before 1842 Grimsby All Saints demolished 1994
Dalderby St Martin in decay before 1741 Grimsby St Andrew
East Firsby St James lost before 1842 Grimsby St John the Divine now demolished
East Wykeham  St Nicholas in ruins since early C16 Grimsby St Luke demolished 1974
Hallington St Lawrence lost before 1842 Grimsby St Paul demolished late 1960's
 Ketsby St Margaret lost before 1842 Grimsby St Stephen demolished 1974
 Kirkby la Thorpe St Peter pulled down soon after 1636 Kirkstead Abbey ruins Wendy Parkinson
 Laughton by Folkingham ruined before 1842 Lincoln St Andrew demolished 1960's
 Leasingham - North St John the Baptist pulled down C16 Lincoln St Margaret in the Close demolished after 1930
Lincoln St John demolished C16 Lincoln St Mark demolished 1970's
 Mablethorpe St Peter lost to the sea Elizabethan times Lincoln St Martin (old and new) both demolished
 Northolme St Thomas demolished Lincoln St Paul in the Bail  demolished 1971
 Old Sleaford St Giles lost after 1300 Lincoln St Paul in the Bail (remains) Wendy Parkinson
 Salfleet St Katherine lost to the sea 1679 Lincoln St Peter at Arches demolished 1930's
 Saltfleetby  St Peter (old church tower) Wendy Parkinson Little Carlton St Edith (remains) Wendy Parkinson
 Scrafield St Michael lost before 1842 Low Toynton St Peter disused and inaccessible
 Skinnand   lost before 1842 Miningsby St Andrew demolished 1980
 South Kelsey St Nicholas demolished circa 1795 Moorby All Saints demolished 1980's
 South Rauceby St James pulled down before 1640 Muckton Holy Trinity (graveyard) Wendy Parkinson
 Stain St John the Baptist lost before 1842 Salmonby St Margaret demolished 1970's
 Stowe St John the Baptist taken down in 1772 Scawby Brook Mission Rooms now demolished
 Thorpe in the Fallows   lost before 1842 Skeldyke  Mission Church now demolished
Waddingham St Peter lost before 1842 South Reston St Edith demolished 1983
Walmsgate lost before 1842 Tothill St Mary demolished 1976
Waddington St Michael old church destroyed by bomb 1941
West Barkwith  All Saints Richard Croft
Winceby St Margaret demolished about 1964
Woodhall St Margaret demolished 1970's
Woodhall Spa St Andrew demolished after WW2
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