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Parish Dedication Photographer/information Parish Dedication Photographer/information
 Habrough St Margaret  Paul Fenwick  Hemswell All Saints  Wendy Parkinson
 Hacconby St Andrew  Wendy Parkinson  Heydour St Michael  Wendy Parkinson
 Haceby St Margaret and St Barbara  Wendy Parkinson  Hibaldstow St Hybald  Paul Fenwick
 Hackthorn St Michael  Wendy Parkinson  High Toynton St John  Wendy Parkinson 
 Hagnaby St Andrew  in locked grounds  Hogsthorpe St Mary  Paul Fenwick
 Hagworthingham Holy Trinity  Wendy Parkinson  Holbeach All Saints  Wendy Parkinson
 Hainton St Mary  Paul Fenwick  Holbeach Drove St Polycarp  Wendy Parkinson
 Hallington St Lawrence  lost before 1842  Holbeach Hurn St Luke  Wendy Parkinson 
 Haltham St Benedict  Wendy Parkinson  Holbeach St John St John  Wendy Parkinson 
 Halton Holegate St Andrew  Wendy Parkinson  Holbeach St Mark St Mark  Wendy Parkinson 
 Hammeringham All Saints  Wendy Parkinson  Holbeach St Matthew St Matthew  Wendy Parkinson
 Hannah cum Hagnaby St Andrew  Paul Fenwick  Holland Fen All Saints  Wendy Parkinson 
 Hareby St Peter and St Paul  Wendy Parkinson  Holton cum Beckering All Saints  Wendy Parkinson 
 Harlaxton St Mary and St Peter  Wendy Parkinson  Holton le Clay St Peter  Paul Fenwick
 Harmston All Saints  Wendy Parkinson  Holton le Moor St Luke  Paul Fenwick
 Harpswell St Chad  Wendy Parkinson  Holywell  St Wilfrid  Wendy Parkinson 
 Harrington St Mary  Paul Fenwick  Honington St Wilfred  Wendy Parkinson 
 Hatcliffe St Mary  Paul Fenwick  Horbling St Andrew  Wendy Parkinson 
 Hatton St Stephen  Paul Fenwick  Horkstow St Maurice  Paul Fenwick
 Haugh St Leonard  Wendy Parkinson  Horncastle St Mary  Wendy Parkinson 
 Haugham All Saints  Paul Fenwick  Horncastle Holy Trinity  Wendy Parkinson 
 Hawerby St Margaret  Richard Croft  Horsington All Saints  Wendy Parkinson
 Haxey St Nicholas  Wendy Parkinson  Hough on the Hill All Saints  Wendy Parkinson 
 Healing St Peter and St Paul  Paul Fenwick  Hougham All Saints  Wendy Parkinson 
 Heapham All Saints  Wendy Parkinson   Howell St Oswald  Wendy Parkinson 
 Heckington St Andrew  Wendy Parkinson   Humberston St Peter  Wendy Parkinson
 Heighington St Thomas  Wendy Parkinson   Hundleby St Mary  Wendy Parkinson
 Helpringham St Andrew  Wendy Parkinson  Huttoft St Margaret  Paul Fenwick
 Hemingby St Margaret  Paul Fenwick
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