I have transcribed the 1861 Census for Lincoln South West, piece number RG9/2354, as part of the FreeCen project.  As it will be sometime before the results are available online, I have decided to upload a village by village transcription, complete with a surname index.  The surname index is a text file and can be viewed online.  The transcription is an Excel spreadsheet, zipped for faster downloading.  If you do not have Excel installed, you will need to download the Excel viewer.  You may also need to download the zip utility.  (Tip - if you find a surname in the index that you want to find in the transcription, highlight the surname column in the spreadsheet and use the "find" facility)

These transcriptions have not been checked, someone else performs that role.  Many of the ages have been marked through and are difficult to read - I have made my best guess but could be wrong.  If any of the family goups are of interest to you, feel free to contact me to take a second look at the data.

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Aubourn Index

Aubourn Transcription

Boothby Graffoe Index

Boothby Graffoe Transcription

Coleby Index

 Coleby Transcription

Haddington Index

Haddington Transcription

 Harmston Index

Harmston Transcription

 Navenby Index

Navenby Transcription

 North Hykeham Index

North Hykeham Transcription

 South Hykeham Index

 South Hykeham Transcription

 Thorpe on the Hill Index

 Thorpe on the Hill Transcription

 Waddington Index

 Waddington Transcription

 Mere - see Waddington

Housham - see Haddington

Skinnand - see Navenby

 Somerton Castle - see Boothby

The final pages of Thorpe on the Hill are damaged, 1 surname is missing, as well as several christian names, occupations and birthplaces.